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Shoot on location and you experience the exhilaration of refining your photography skills in the fresh air. Learn and apply technical theory to convey the intrinsic feeling of each location; produce your own intriguing and daring photographs that will enchant for years to come. Available throughout the year, the carefully planned, workshops are an ideal chance to savour the fun and expertise of hands-on support from a professional photographer.

All photography workshops are designed to provide you individual tuition

Photographic workshops will help you by:

Training on how to compose and design a shot, and how to get it right in camera. Each photographic workshop will combine motivational support and guidance, with constructive feedback. Locations have been thoroughly researched and assessed for a comfortable and pleasant experience.

Photographic workshops are run in small groups - maximum 5 and are suitable for any level of photographer. Develop your creative eye and technical execution with an award winning professional.

Check back regularly for new listings - please feel free to make contact to enquire about availability or anything.

No prior knowledge of photography is required as each student will be taught individually, according to their level.

Recognise correct lighting, contrast and texture to shape and form each shot.

Learn the impact of using long exposure, shallow depth of field and other techniques.

Work with Rob to review your shots, accept new ideas and improve your photography.


workshop costs

maximum 5 per workshop, application / booking forms  available, £50 / £75 dependant on course, see each workshop for comprehensive details

lesson  costs

available as one 2 one tuition on all aspects of photography from £35 / hour.

each session is tailored to the individual student

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