I have over 35 years using a camera, from basic film cameras to the latest high-end digital from Canon, Nikon and laterally Fuji, in the form of the X Series

My relaxed attitude, depth of knowledge and ability to explain all go to make learning fun.

A range of courses is tailored to meet all needs.

Using your own camera, you will learn to get the best from current digital technology, learning skills that will help you create stunning images to be proud of.

Simple exercises and skills you can try at home

A few simple tasks to practise with,  even if you don't come on one of the personal sessions or the specialist day course

Beginners £35/hour

Aimed at those just upgrading to digital or those new to the hobby altogether. The main photographic topics which I can cover include in detail are: equipment camera functions relationship between aperture & shutter white balance adjusting exposure top tips for getting the most out of your equipment using different lenses composition techniques

Intermediate £45/hour

The next step up from basic skills sessions, taking this a step further, moving into full manual and taking what you already know a little further. extra subject options include: strobist flash (getting it off camera) long lens photography post capture workflow

Bespoke £295/ day

With over twenty-five years in sports photography at a local level and in recent years moving up to international rugby and sports. Specialist days offer you the opportunity to spend a whole day from morning preparations, getting team sheets and checking cameras and lenses, then a light lunch before arriving at the game early to allow time for scouting positions and confirming team changes.

Then a full game with lots of options to create some stunning sports images.

Post match we will edit and caption the images and you will leave with a disc containing your afternoons work.

Other sports - Football, Horse Events, Canoeing can also be arranged to meet client needs.

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