2017 - Working with the Fuji X series

View over Galashiels

View over Galashiels

Galashiels, 29 / Dec / 2016.

View over Galashiels

(Photo: © Rob Gray)

My change to Fuji during 2016, was a major process, coming from over £45k of full frame Nikon pro gear, the D4S based system and all the lenses from 16mm fisheye up to a 400/2.8 for sport, all going to make a full working kit.

There were those that looked at me in horror when they saw the diminutive form and weight of the X-T1 alongside the X-Pro 1, but a few working pros also looking on with interest.

How would this handle my image requirements ?

How would it fair in low  light ?

How would its AF cope ?

All issues i had heard of and pondered long and hard, but the meeting of Fuji X Ambassador jeff Carter, soon eased some of these worries.

It's just a camera ! I'm the photographer.....

I was to find out over the next few months, but one thing for sure, not one client noticed the change in the quality of images.

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